Building Resilience: Endurance & Risk Management
“Resilience is the ability to use all of your resources when required in problem solving mode, for as long as required.” Mind Associates. Building resilience can be one of the hardest things we aspire to achieve, and often we look to develop resilience when we need it. It takes time to learn approaches and to build the skill of resilience. These courses will give you the tools and techniques to do this. There are two courses for building resilience, we suggest you do them in this order but it is not essential.
  • Building Resilience: Turn around & Critical Moment
  • Building Resilience Endurance and Risk Management (this course)


Explore how to increase mental endurance in challenging situations


  • Understand the importance of conscious and subconscious choices and the impact that has on self and others
  • Be able to describe the 3 angled approach to setting personal growth goals


Delivered via Adobe Connect

Course length:

1 hour 30 minutes  
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